Hannahs edible garden

{June 23, 2009}   Clean up

I had to clean up the gardens a bit since we’re moving. We pulled the few remaining carrots, silverbeet and one pumpkin.


I was going to transplant some of the other stuff over to the new house, but I’m not going to bother now – the cabbages, spinach, brocolli and cauliflower we’re already pretty munted thanks to the dogs and white butterflies, and the garlic probably wasn’t going to produce anything anyway. About 6 weeks ago, I planted some garlic cloves, then I went to a gardening workshop run by the Supergrans and PNCC and learnt that most of the garlic we buy in the supermarket comes from China and is iradiated when it gets here!! So I’m going to go pick up some NZ organic garlic today from Steves bulk barn to plant at the new place.


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