Hannahs edible garden

{June 19, 2009}   Random pertinent tip #1

One of the reasons I started this blog is because I need a reliable space to store gardening information and tips. I’m an amateur and have aquired a bit of knowledge through reading, experience, experiment, talking to others etc. I also have scraps of paper with random gardening tips lying around all over the place. So, I’m starting a Random pertinent tips section…

Random pertinent tip #1; Save eggshells to use as an organic pest control. Dry the eggshells, crush them up and sprinkle around the plants that slugs like, like cabbages. Slugs wont crawl over the sharp eggshells.


Kate says:

Hi! I’m Kate from the beautiful birth stories blog – I just randomly checked your blog this morning and voila, you’ve started a new blog – AND it’s perfect for me! I’m dying to start our vegie garden, but a bit overwhelmed. This is going to be great!

Hannah says:

Hi Kate nice to hear from you again! I still read your blog 🙂 I’m certainly no expert on gardening but hopefully this could be a bit of a resource for newbie gardeners.. I found it (growing food) a lot easier than I first thought it would be. Good luck with your garden.

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